2+2 Cottages

Eurasian Red Squirrel / Ostrich / Magpie / Rabbit / Deer

2+2 Cottages are named for the animals that live on Nami Island. Designed for two persons, each cottage has its own terrace. 

Cooking is not permitted, however. (Squirrel and Ostrich are pet-friendly rooms. Each room can accommodate up to 1 pet per room.)

Eurasian Red Squirrel / Ostrich

Magpie / Rabbit / Deer

※ Guests without pets may also stay in the above-mentioned rooms. 

However, please be aware that these rooms are also available for guests with pets.

* Rates for Guests without Pets : 179,000 won for Friday, Saturday, the day before national holiday, and holiday season / 149,000 won for weekday

Guest House

Located in a forest away from Hotel Jeonggwanru Jeonggwanjae (Main Building), Hotel Jeonggwanru’s guest house offers triple-bed rooms and the ultimate opportunity for quiet relaxation.