CSR Projects


Nami Island, Inc. actively supports international organizations and civil associations such as the Korean YWCA and UNICEF. We also play host to the Nami Island Eco School as well as sponsor the “International Children’s Book Festival’ (NAMBOK). The non-profit Song Island Foundation, also situated on the island, was founded to improve Korean popular music culture.

• UNICEF Lounge / UNICEF Child Friendly Park (Korean Committee for UNICEF)

• YWCA Environment and Ecology Site (YWCA Korea)

• KBBY / Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival (Korean Board on Books for Young People, KBBY)

• Hans Christian Andersen Awards  (International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY))

• The Song Museum  (The Song Island Foundation) 

• Community Education and Welfare Support (Gapyeong High School, Welfare Support for Local Residents, Ssial Women Organization)

• Education and Welfare Support for Independence Patriots  (The Independence Army of Korea Memorial Hall)