Snow Café (Guide Lounge)

An art shop cafe with gelato and coffee.

In front of Gapyeong Wharf 

T. +82(0)31-581-5701

Sonata  Café

Visitors stop by here for Nami Island's famous snowman cakes and cooling ice flake sundaes.

In front of Metasequoia Lane
T. +82(0)31-580-8131

BookCafé (Guide Lounge)

Designed to offer a bit of rest for both parents and children alike, Nami Island BookCafé in Baplex is place to enjoy fresh coffee, sandwiches, and other varieties of desserts.

T. +82(0)31-580-8098

 Swing Café & Bakery 

Located on the banks of Bukhan River, Nami Island's Swing Café & Bakery offers peaceful scenery, nice music, as well as coffee and desserts to welcome all our guests! with Nami Island's Song Museum as its theme. Swing Café & Bakery will also be the stage for performances and exhibitions. Don't forget to try one of our delicious breads. which are fresh from the oven 3times a day.

Magic Hall, The Song Museum
T. +82(0)31-580-8020

Tea House Chadam

Within the serenity of the beautiful nature, Tea House Nami Island provides a balanced well-being. A variety of premium tea, tea cups and souvenirs are available for purchase.

MICE Center
T. +82(0)31-580-8023