Colorful Gardens: Spring

Spring means beautiful gardens and the sight and fragrances of nature's reawakening.

Cool Shade: Summer

With cooling breezes and the sheltering tree, there is no better place for a summer vacation.

Fall-in-love paths:Autumn

Autumn leaves, in a riot of colors, are apectacular.

Snow Land:Winter

Pristine snow invites you to build your own personal snowman.

Metasequoia Lane

Also known as living fossils, metasequoia trees were transplanted to Nami Island from the nursery of the college of agriculture, Seoul National University in 1977.As they grow tall very quickly, these trees soon lined a luxuriant path and then became a global symbol of Nami Island after  being filmed for the television series Winter Sonata. With its elegant, exotic and magnificent appearance, Metasequoia Lane has turned out to be one of the most popular site on Nami Island.

Gingko Tree Lane

If you stroll down joongangwangjang (central plaza) heading south you will discover Songpa Gingko Tree Lane. Approximately 100 meters long, in autumn the lane in covered with beautiful yellow gingko leaves and is one of the most photographed areas on the island. Located nearby, on the southeastern shore of the island, is Riverside Lovers' Gingko tree Lane as well as Changgyeongwon Garden, which are especially popular with couples.

Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane runs in front of  Water Stage Swimming Pool 

and is particularly beautiful in spring, when there are cherry blossoms in bloom.

Korea Pine Tree Lane

There are several Korean pine tree lanes on NamiIsland. Central Korean Pine Tree Lane runs from the north of the island beginning at Nami Wharf to joongangwangjang (Central Plaza) while Bungalow White Korean Pine Tree Lane runs right in front of Bungalow Row on the southeastern side. Lakeshore Korean Pine Tree Lane starts from the main building of Hotel Jeonggwanru and wanders south.

White Birch Lane / Tulip Tree Lane

The cortexes of white birches are bright enough to serenely light the lane even when it is dark. Tulip Tree Lane, about 300 meters long, lies along the southeastern shore. The trees are Planted from the seeds brought to the island by its founder, Chairman Minn Byeong-do, and they have flowers that resemble tulips in appearance, and thus they are called, tulip trees.

Reed Woods Lane / Korean Pine Tree Lane

Reed Woods Lane meanders along the southeastern shore starting front the end of cornel Tree Lane in the south. In autumn, the beautiful reeds create a picture-perfect photo spot so many visitors stop here to snap away.

There are more than 20 gradens on Nami Island all with unique stories to share with visitors.

There used to be only one pond on Nami Island and that was located near the Tomb of General Nami. In 2001, this pond was named Yonji Pond, and meant to be a gift to the many couples who visit the island. Later on, there was another pond, Gonji Pond, created in front of Cho-ok House for our insect community to enjoy. Afterwards, several ponds were also made in various parts of the Island. These include Meta Pond across from Metasequoia Lane, Mongyonji Pond on the east side of the UNICEF Gur whose name means “a wish for sweet dreams,” Yeonji Pond (Pond with Lotus) in front of Anderson Hall where a painting of a lotus is hidden behind a board, instead of a real lotus, Boodle Pond, formed around a piece of land that has been shaped to look like Nami Island, Jeonggwanbaekryeonji Pond in front of the hotel reception building which beautifully mirrors the Hotel Jeonggwanru with white lotus, and Yuyeongji Pond behind the hotel where the branches of the willow trees touch the water.

On Nami Island, all the animals roam freely. Ostriches are particularly loved by visitors, graceful deer love to play hide and seek, and curious squirrels always wonder about the island. Also, there are countless types of birds, ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys, moles, and even the black woodpecker, one of Korea’s natural monuments. On May 26, 2007, in honor of Serbian National Day, 20 Korean chipmunks were returned to nature by the Ambassador of Serbia, the Honorable Zoran Velijc.