Fairy Tale Village

Picture Book Lounge

The Picture Book Lounge is a great place to visit, especially if you are bringing young children to Nami Island. In a child-friendly, relaxing atmosphere, kids can immerse themselves in our outstanding book collection.

Nami Island International Picture Book Iillustration Concours

Nami Concours is an international picture book illustration competition sponsored by Nami Island, the venue of Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival. Nami Concours aims to give chance for children’s picture book illustrators to create and present innovative artworks, and thus find a way for illustrators from all over the world to be exposed to an even wider audience.

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Nami Island Handicraft Studio

The Nami Island Handicraft Studio was founded in 2001 when activities consisted of basically using an electric kiln to fire a few ceramics. Now the scale and type of activities have increased dramatically and this is truly a studio where creativity is the most important component. The studio is engaged in making ceramics, glassware, wood crafts, dye crafts, and paper crafts.

T. +82(0)31-580-8199

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Nami Island International Children's Book Festival

The Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival was founded in 2005 as one way of Nami Island commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of its greatest inspirations, Hans Christian Andersen. From the inception of this festival, also known as “Nambook,” the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) has played a vital role.

Now Nambook is a biennale and the focus has shifted to the Nami Concours, which is a global competition that invites illustrators from all over the world to submit their works in an effort to promote the field of children’s book illustrations. In 2015 thousands of illustrators submitted their works to Nami Concours, an event which is quickly gaining worldwide recognition.

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(International Children's Library)

UNICEF Lounge opened in 2004 to promote to the world that every child has the right to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment. It provides opportunities to experience UNICEF welfare promotion for children such as ‘Share a Pump’. In December 2010, Naminara Republic, Nami Island, was designated a UNICEF Child Friendly Park. This was a first for Korea and only the 14th park in the world to receive such a designation.


Song Village

The Song Museum

The Song Museum hosts an exhibition room for korean pop music, multi-purpose room(Magic Hall), and outdoor music stage, swing cafe, rest area and more. The museum provides visitors wirh the chance to experience korean pop music by providing a better understanding of its history through the pictures, memorabilia and songs of the most famous Korean singers. The Song Museum also plays host to exhibitions, fairs, and concerts.

(The Liu Collection of World Musical Instruments)

Liu Hong-Jun is a Chinese multi-instrumentalist, composer, and instruments of the world. Liu is ensuring that the music of the silk Road lives on by successfully leading the effort to reproduce ancient instruments of the Shosoin Treasure House in Todai-ji Temple, Japan and founding the Tempyo Gafu ensemble which perform on authentic reproductions of traditional instrument. In 2008, instruments reproduced or collected by Liu were donated to serve as the founding collection of Liuseum. Along with those instrument reproduced from the Shosoin Treasure House collection, there are now over 300 ethnic instruments on display for visitors to learn about and appreciate here at The Liu Collection of World Musical Instruments.

Place : The Song Museum B1  

Imaginary Playground

Unchi Garden

Nami Island was designated the 14th UNICEF Child-Friendly Park in the world and the first in Korea. Unchi Garden, located next to UNICEF Lounge, is a special playground for kids dedicated to encouraging fun and creativity.

Together Park

Make your trip to Nami Island even more special, and have fun with your canine at Together Park. At Together Park, canines can run freely and enjoy their times without a leash.

Nami Friends Parade

Enjoy the Friends Parade in the woods of Nami Island all year round. You can meet our Nami Friends, including Snowman and animals such as flying squirrel, peacock, and duck.

※ Subject to change during rainy, extremely hot or cold weather.

Forest Adventure

For more information, please call us at +82(0)31-582-8091

※Zip-wire operation may cease without prior notice due to bad weather. (rain, snow, heavy winds, etc)

Forest Adventure TreeGo TreeCoaster

A Wide range of adventure facilities are newly-built on Nami Island, designed for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies! Activities such as Zip-line, trampolines, swings, and barrels offer a fun and exciting experience for adults and children. Diverse courses allow you to move from tree to tree in the forest.

Bike Center

The most frequent question we received from guests when they arrive is "where can we rent a bike?" That makes sense since a bike is the best way to see the island. It takes about one hour to ride around the circumference of the island or you can enjoy q leisurely tour to the island's major attractions on your bike. The Bike Center is located in the center of the island between UNICEF Lounge and Unchi Garden.

Charity Train

The Charity Train runs between the entrance of The Song Museum to the central station in the island's main square.

Story Tour Bus

If you're pressed for time, or simply want to get a quick overview of Nami Island before you plan your day, taking a tour around the Island in one of our Story Tour Bus is a great option. The cars depart from a station located right in front of where you disembark from the ferry on Nami Island.